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Happier Schools Project
Inspiring Children and Enriching Education

Joining forces, The Bicester Collection and The Smiley Company have launched a global initiative focused on schools, emotions, and inspiring children, all in the pursuit of education. With the aim to reach millions of children worldwide, this project is dedicated to helping them explore their emotions, learn how to deal with them effectively and develop a better understanding of the people around them.

As part of this initiative, we proudly present the Happier Schools Project, featuring engaging activity cards designed to nurture emotional and social intelligence in children. Whether you are a parent, a school teacher, or an NGO representative, these cards offer a valuable resource to inspire, empower, and cultivate essential life skills in children, ensuring they are well-equipped for the future.

Developed in consultation with renowned experts, including Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Jane Ballantine, a leading educational expert in the UK, these fun and easy-to-use educational modules are available in 13 languages. They have been carefully crafted by The Smiley Company, renowned for their expertise in creating engaging educational materials.

Lesson Plans, Worksheets & Posters

We have grouped the activities in each lesson into five groups, which cover a variety of approaches to teaching to ensure that students are thinking and talking, but also playing and getting creative.

Lesson 1

Getting To Know Your Emotions

Lesson 2

Handling Your Emotions

Lesson 3

Understanding and Helping Others

Lesson 4

Working With Others

Lesson 5

Making Decisions


SmileyWorld’s TAKE THE TIME TO SMILE Activity Cards are full of facts & activities which help kids learn about the 27 key emotions that are so important to their development, along with fun & healthy mindfulness techniques.


Talking and listening to children is so important. When we take the time to stop and listen, we can get to know so much about our kids.
It improves our bond with them and encourages them to listen to you in return. But it’s not always easy to get kids to talk with you, so
to help get the conversation going we’ve created a deck of “Take the Time to Talk Conversation Starter” Cards.

Additional Languages

We are thrilled to announce that the Activity and Conversation Starter cards are now available in additional language variants, allowing you to inspire and engage children from diverse backgrounds. We understand the importance of language in connecting with young minds, and by offering these language options, we aim to provide a more inclusive and enriching experience for children worldwide.

Unlock the potential to inspire and empower your children by exploring the various language variants of our Activity and Conversation Starter cards. Together, let's ignite their imagination and foster their emotional growth through the power of Smiley®.

Choose from:

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch; Flemish, French, German, Italian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya and Ukrainian